ERISA – Employee Benefits Claims

We represent people seeking employee welfare benefits, such as long term disability or disability income benefits, and life insurance benefits. A smaller area of our practice includes assisting those seeking approval for medical treatment.

ERISA is short for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. It is the federal law that governs both how employers manage pension plans, and how health and disability benefits provided through employee welfare benefit plans are administered. The purpose of ERISA was to encourage employers to provide benefits to their employees by providing a uniform legal review process across the nation.

ERISA applies to employee benefits provided or sponsored by private companies. ERISA does not apply to employee benefit plans provided by governments or churches. The employer can choose to pay the benefits itself, in which case it is called a self funded plan. Or, it may buy an insurance plan to provide benefits.

If your life insurance or disability benefit claim has been denied, call us to assist you in preparing an appeal or represent you filing suit against your company’s employee benefit plan or insurance company.